Multi-asset impact

The Anthos Multi-Asset Impact Strategy shows that impact investing is possible in different asset classes. The strategy delivers impact across a range of asset classes and investment styles, in one coherent approach.

The combination of multi-asset and impact creates an optimal balance of financial risk-adjusted returns and social/environmental impact. 

Watch the video below to hear more about our Multi-Asset Impact Strategy:

Multi-asset and impact investing - a productive combination

Our multi-asset impact strategy offers:

  • Diversification, across listed and non-listed asset classes
  • Risk premiums in less-liquid asset classes
  • A competitive & compelling fee structure
  • And finally: a founding and leading role in the impact sector


“We think the best way to address inequality is a mixture of systemic investing by influencing larger public companies, as well as grassroots investing through private small and medium enterprises where we affect change earlier in a company’s development.”

Dimple Sahni, Managing Director Impact Fund Portfolios

Anthos Fund II RAIF-SICAV – Impact Investing Fund


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This is a marketing communication. Please refer to the Private Placement Memorandum of Anthos Fund II RAIF-SICAV S.A. ("PPM") before making any final investment decisions. The PPM may be provided upon request. Please note: these funds are open to professional investors only.

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