Invest forward, inspire change

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Anthos Fund & Asset Management

We are Anthos Fund & Asset Management (Anthos), established almost 100 years ago. It is our mission to provide comprehensive values-based asset management and investment advisory services to select, like-minded clients. Values-based asset management is implemented across various asset classes, with the aim to generate financial outperformance and positive impact.

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Proud to work for

Anthos sees capital as a force for good. We are proud to deliver long-term financial excellence alongside a positive impact on society and planet.

Investing for generations

We have an intrinsic motivation to invest based on the values of sustainability, human dignity and good corporate citizenship. These values are deeply rooted in our history, our people, our organisation and our processes.

We strongly believe that ESG criteria can be financially material and that integrating such considerations into investment decisions will lead to better risk-adjusted financial returns (through lower risk and/or higher returns).

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