Anthos Fund & Asset Management

What we believe

Doing well by doing good

At Anthos Fund & Asset Management we care deeply about the impact that our collective decision making has on people, society and the environment. Like our founders, we are guided by an inherent belief that doing business and doing good go hand in hand.

Our experience

Investing for generations

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Rooted in excellence

Based on a tradition of excellence, client focus, passion, collaboration and purpose, we have a long-term track record of outperforming benchmarks while contributing to the common good. Our aim is to ensure our investments yield competitive returns by offering tailored expert advice and management solutions across a wide and diversified range of asset classes.

For generations, we have been entrusted with the responsibility of providing comprehensive values-based asset management across multiple strategies to the Brenninkmeijer family, their philanthropies and related pension funds. We invest in accordance with the mission to be a force for good, ensuring financial outperformance is accompanied by social or environmental benefit.

Anthos Fund & Asset Management has a long track record in the field of impact investing and has responsible and sustainable investing embedded across its investment process. We refer to our end-to-end approach as values-based investing.

Please read our Responsible Investment Report 2020 or RI policy to find out more.

Part of something bigger

Anthos Fund & Asset Management is part of COFRA, a diversified group of businesses united by a common ethos, spanning retail (C&A), real estate (Redevco), private equity (Bregal Investments) and renewable energy (Sunrock). 

As part of the Brenninkmeijer family enterprise, the work of the COFRA businesses builds on six generations of entrepreneurship, responsible business ownership and philanthropy, and stands next to the family’s private philanthropic activities.

At Anthos Fund & Asset Management we firmly believe in sharing our values-based solutions with like-minded investors in order to expand our positive footprint. Our long-term investment approach has always sought to drive positive investment returns, inspired by values that are core to our investment beliefs: human dignity, sustainability and good citizenship.

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How we invest

A curated approach

Our investment professionals work in partnership with our clients to curate investment portfolios to match their strategies across asset classes, with tailored expert management across equities, fixed income, real estate, infrastructure, private equity, alternative investments, (multi-asset) impact investments and outsourced CIO.

Innovative screening for values-based investment

Strong returns can be achieved without compromising on benefits to society and the environment.

Our multi-asset, mission-driven solutions use innovative screening methods to exclude potential investments that go against the principles of Anthos Fund & Asset Management and to identify those investments that drive progress towards our goals. The result is a discerning, risk-managed portfolio where financial and societal returns are maximised.

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Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (O-CIO)

Anthos Fund & Asset Management fully understands how mission, vision, values and beliefs define investment goals. We construct portfolios appropriate to ambitions, risk appetite and preferred asset allocation. Through daily assessment and monitoring of portfolios, we assume responsibility for driving towards investment goals. The first circle shows the different services within our Outsourced Chief Investment Officer solution.

Values-based investing

We invest across a spectrum of traditional and alternative investment classes – each with its own risk and return profile. We have always embraced the ethos of values-based investing – and as more routes to responsible, sustainable and impact investments open, we aim to be at the forefront, maximising returns and creating positive impact. Click here for the NAVs of our strategies.

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