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Private real estate has a meaningful role to play in investment portfolios, as it is unaffected by stock market volatility. The rental income delivers performance sturdiness and through rising prices investors can achieve capital gains. Our Real Estate Strategy is committed to an attractive risk-return profile, with strong ESG credentials.

“Our managers fully include ESG considerations in their investment approach and reporting. They have to show us that they are really committed to ESG.”

John Linck, Managing Director Global Real Estate

“With our broad and international real estate know-how and network we are well positioned to construct and manage diversified real estate portfolios. We implement a thorough portfolio management strategy and systematic manager selection process.”

Robert Lie, Managing Director Global Real Estate

Anthos Fund II RAIF-SICAV – European Real Estate Fund

Click here for the sustainability-related disclosures of the Anthos Fund II RAIF-SICAV – European Real Estate Fund

This is a marketing communication. Please refer to the Private Placement Memorandum of Anthos Fund II RAIF-SICAV S.A. ("PPM") before making any final investment decisions. The PPM may be provided upon request. Please note: these funds are open to professional investors only.

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