Our experience

Strategies & Solutions, a curated approach

Our investment professionals work in partnership with our clients to curate investment portfolios to match their strategies across asset classes, with tailored expert management across equities, fixed income, real estate, private equity, alternative investments, (multi-asset) impact investments and outsourced Chief Investment Officer.

Outsourced Chief Investment Officer

Our experience and know-how in one full-suite solution

We fully understand how mission, vision, values and beliefs define investment goals. We build portfolios that meet the needs of our clients and are appropriate to the ambitions, risk appetite and preferred asset allocation. Through daily assessment and monitoring of portfolios, we assume responsibility for driving your investment goals forward.

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Multi-asset impact

Multi-asset and impact investing: a productive combination

The Anthos Multi-Asset Impact Strategy proves that impact investing is achievable across asset classes. The strategy delivers impact across a range of asset classes and investment styles, in one coherent approach.

The combination of multi-asset and impact creates an optimal balance of financial risk-adjusted returns and social/environmental impact.

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A values-based approach in global equity

The global equity fund-of-fund strategy combines financial return with impact and responsible investing. The equity team selects the best managers on track-record and investment process, at attractive fees.

In addition, the funds deliver positive impact in specific themes (SDGs) and offer a best-in-class responsible investing framework.

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Fixed income

Diversified solutions across the debt universe

The bond strategies identify attractive risk-adjusted returns to offer clients long-term stable income, invested through managers with an effective ESG policy, or through mandates with customised RI benchmarks using exclusions.

To that end, we have developed a disciplined, genuinely values-based investment approach, strong selection skills and very competitive fees.

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Absolute return strategies

Absolute return, at the forefront in responsible investing

Anthos Absolute Return Strategy aims to achieve exceptional investment performance, within a strong set of values of sustainability, human dignity and good corporate citizenship.

The strategy aims to generate stable performance with limited sensitivity to the direction of equity markets. It integrates ESG and responsible investment at both the overall portfolio level and at the level of the managers we select.

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Real estate

Real estate, with financial and social impact

Private real estate has a meaningful role to play in investment portfolios, as it is unaffected by stock market volatility. The rental income delivers performance sturdiness and through rising prices investors can achieve capital gains. Our Real Estate Strategy is committed to an attractive risk-return profile, with strong ESG credentials.

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Private equity

Private equity, combining innovation with responsible investing

Private equity is a lifeline for innovation, unlocking potential by building companies and realising value in various ways.

The strategy aims to provide attractive risk-adjusted returns by investing in a diversified mix of private equity funds with an operational value add in developed markets. ESG factors are important to us when we choose investments, as they can help mitigate risks and reveal opportunities.

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