The global equity fund-of-fund strategy combines financial return with impact and responsible investing. The equity team selects the best managers on track-record and investment process, at attractive fees. The strategy must deliver positive impact in specific themes (SDGs) and offer a best-in-class responsible investing framework.

“ESG has been a part of our investment approach since well before it became part of investment industry language. We have always used these criteria to assess investment risks and returns.”

Boudewijn de Haan, Managing Director Equities

Anthos Fund II RAIF-SICAV – Equities Active Fund


This is a marketing communication. Please refer to the Private Placement Memorandum of Anthos Fund II RAIF-SICAV S.A. ("PPM") before making any final investment decisions. The PPM may be provided upon request. Please note: these funds are open to professional investors only.

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