Oranje Fonds selects Anthos Fund & Asset Management as new asset manager

Oranje Fonds has selected Anthos Fund & Asset Management as new asset manager for its assets of approximately EUR 300 million. Anthos will provide an integrated range of investment advisory and asset management services to Oranje Fonds.

The fiduciary mandate was awarded to Anthos after a selection process lasting several months in the first half of 2023. The decisive factor in choosing Anthos, which opened up to external clients in 2022, was the asset manager's responsible investment expertise and strategic vision.

Sandra Jetten, Managing Director of Oranje Fonds, on the selection of Anthos: "In our careful selection process, the strategic approach and dedication of the Anthos team stood out to us. Anthos focuses not only on achieving returns, but also on the social aspects of the investments. This is of great importance to us. Our assets enable us to work for a society in which everyone is able to participate and no one is left behind. This includes responsible investments. All this made us ultimately choose Anthos."

Jacco Maters, CEO of Anthos Fund & Asset Management, on this acquisition: “We are proud that Oranje Fonds has chosen Anthos as its fiduciary partner. It is an honour to contribute to capital growth so Oranje Fonds can remain dedicated to the continuity of their social commitment. Like Oranje Fonds, we are focused on long-term capital preservation. Moreover, we find each other in human dignity, a value that Anthos uses as a basis for investment decisions and which is a core value for Oranje Fonds."

Anthos will start working for Oranje Fonds from 1 January 2024. Preparations for this are now in full swing.

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