Anthos Fund & Asset Management opens-up its investment platform to values-driven asset owners

Anthos Fund & Asset Management opens its platform and bundle its capital with other values-driven asset owners.

Anthos Fund & Asset Management (Anthos) which has provided its services exclusively to the Brenninkmeijer family, their philanthropies and related pension funds, for nearly 100 years, is to open the Anthos platform and bundle its capital with other values-driven asset owners for the first time. The new strategy is focused on accelerating the transition to a more sustainable, equitable and just society by offering Anthos’ asset management capabilities to like-minded asset owners.

Anthos believes achieving long-term financial value for its clients and also the highest possible ESG investing goals go hand-in-hand. These objectives can be delivered by providing access to the best responsible investment managers globally through Anthos’ funds of funds strategies, combined with its longstanding fiduciary management expertise.

Jacco Maters, Anthos CEO, said: “Anthos seeks to achieve long-term wealth creation anchored in the values of sustainability, human dignity and good corporate citizenship. Since its beginnings in 1929, Anthos’ investment approach has sought to balance financial return and social good. Today the dual global crises of climate change and widening societal inequality require long-term investments on an enormous scale. Which is why we are opening up our investment platform to asset owners who share Anthos’ values and ambitions with the hope to scale our investments and truly make a difference.”

Anthos provides specialised capabilities across equity, fixed income and private markets, in addition to multi-asset impact strategies and fiduciary management and is a global leader in holistic, values-based asset management services.

Anthos’ Multi-Asset Impact Strategy, is an actively managed investment approach designed for professional investors who may be new, or already familiar with, impact investing, but who don’t want to sacrifice either financial return or impact potential. Anthos does this by being ‘all-inclusive,’ investing across many asset classes, including listed equity impact strategies that can bring about ‘systemic change’ and also private equity impact strategies that help underserved communities at the ‘grass-roots’ level. The Multi-Asset Impact Strategy can also invest in green/sustainable bonds and real (estate) assets, all of which help diversify the portfolio and make it ‘all-weather,’ or better able to withstand market shocks.

As example of the Multi-Asset Impact Strategy, the Impact Investing Fund qualifies as ‘Article 9’ fund, the highest ‘dark green’ ESG designation under the EU’s Sustainable Financial Disclosure Regulation (SFDR). The fund is also aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, which translate into specific investible themes for the strategy: demographic change; poverty alleviation; climate resilience; water, sanitation and hygiene; and financial inclusion. These, in turn, align with Anthos’ values of sustainability, human dignity and good corporate citizenship.

Dimple Sahni, Managing Director, Impact Fund Portfolios, at Anthos said: “We focus on three different layers: the economy; society and the biosphere. It's about making businesses change their behaviour to become good corporate citizens and ensure these line-up with our values. There is currently no such thing as an ‘Impact Benchmark,’ everything is self-reported, but my hope is that there will soon be a convergence between the ‘financial’ strategic asset allocation and ‘impact’ asset allocation in investments to give true integration across like-minded asset owners’ portfolios.”

Boudewijn Beerkens, CEO of COFRA, said: “Each of our businesses at COFRA strives to be a ‘force for good’ in the world – a guiding principle that has characterised the Brenninkmeijer family owners’ activities for six generations. Through our investments and portfolio of businesses, we want to expand our ability to make positive impact in the world. By opening up Anthos to third-party capital, we join forces with others who are similarly motivated. It cuts both ways -- we bundle capital to create impact and at the same time are exposed to other like-minded asset owners’ best practices. That helps us as a group to continually raise our ambitions when the world and the markets are changing very rapidly.”

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