Anthos Annual Investment Outlook 2024-2025

Anthos presents its Annual Investment Outlook 2024-2025. From energy, to geopolitics, to policy, to technology, the world is facing disorderly transitions. This not only calls for actively managed and diversified portfolios, but for more responsible investment across all pillars.

We are excited to present our Annual Investment Outlook 2024–2025.

Across multiple pillars, disorderly transitions are taking place. From the energy transition, to geopolitics, to monetary policy, to technology. Meanwhile, the 'older' shifts of aging demographics and declining productivity continue to impact economic growth. This is a challenging and transformational backdrop that investors must navigate. It calls for active and responsible investment management and portfolios that are diversified by design with alternative sources of returns. 

How to read this report:

  • The key messages provide the speed read of all the chapters in our outlook, for those with seconds rather than minutes to spare.
  • The executive summary paints our overarching worldview. It can serve as a starting place for discussions amongst investment professionals and clients.
  • The global growth and inflation outlook gives a comprehensive view of our take on the secular (5-10 years)
  • and short-term (2024–2025) horizons.
  • The investment outlook translates this macroeconomic backdrop into investments. We share the current thinking from each of our asset class teams, as well as the top-down view from our client portfolio managers.
  • The views expressed in all proceeding chapters inform this year’s capital market assumptions (CMAs), which give our return expectations for each asset class for the coming 5 years. Investors can use these to form their portfolio construction ideas and asset allocations for 2024 and beyond.

We welcome further dialogue and feedback.

Download the Anthos Annual Investment Outlook 2024-2025

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